Friday, February 15, 2008

X-Ray Connection - Get Ready
Get Ready.mp3

This legendary track is not quite like any other that I've ever heard. I don't even really know anything at all about the band, except that their producers were the high-quality team of Adams & Fleisner, also known for their work with the Danish disco band Digital Emotion. But this, this...this THING, is beyond words. It is so fucking cool. It's from 1983, and I don't even know where the band is from. Something tells me that they are from one of the "D" countries in Northern Europe (Deutsch, Dansk or Dutch), but I'm not quite sure. All I know is that, judging by the cover, these guys are fucking top-notch EuroTrash.

This song is instantly dramatic with the sudden dropping sound and the weird spacey bloops going all over. Once the siren sound kicks in, and we have that weird droning which is also rather siren-like, we are on the edge of our seats. Then the beat comes in. This thing is fucking epic. There's this certain innocence in the twinkly melody that starts up, but this track clearly knows the score, as evidenced by everything beneath it. Then, the new melody that replaces it at 1:10 comes in. Man, this thing is phenomenal. I can't tell you how excited that damn thing gets me. This beast is primed for making partying and dancing feel like it's the most dramatic and important thing in the world, though.

The twinkly one comes back, and then these descending hits come in, telling us that the good stuff is just around the corner. We hear some claps, and then the awesome synth line comes back AGAIN, but this time with a Moroder-esque whipping beat on top of it. This thing knows how fucking great it is; it knows that it has us by the balls now. But the thing backs it up. It reminds me a lot of the 85 Bears in that respect; they knew they were the best but - unlike the 07 Patriots - they back it up (ZING!). It has a sense of humor about it too, just like the Bears did with the Super Bowl Shuffle. Oh man, the way this thing just comes right back at you; it has the guts and self-confidence to return to that earlier synth line and just change it around slightly; it knows it will have a huge impact, and the presence of the twinkly interlude only serves to heighten it. Just like the human eye, we listen in contrasts.

When that disco diva voice comes in and says, "GET READYYYYYYYY", our minds are blown once again. And that amazing hook is still banging away in the background. I admittedly have no clue what the dude says right afterwards the first time (something about "see the light?"), but the coupling of "GET READYYYYYY" and then "There's a party on tonight!" is INCREDIBLE. There's something about the cadence of the way he says it that just blows my mind. This thing takes partying SERIOUSLY. Basically, the message of this song is "Get ready to get down, because that's what we're gonna do." The only problem is that very little can follow this up appropriately. I think this song is the perfect opener for the headliner of a DJ set who wants to make a dramatic entrance. It is badass enough to be later on, but somehow this is just too perfect to pass up.

"Now move it and shake it and do it up and down! I love it I like it we'll hit that funky town!" This part is cheesier, but man does it work with this. This whole song is cheesy; it combines all these amazing elements of American disco cheese and Euro Trash electro; but to incredible effect that you still take seriously. I mean, isn't this thing epic? The breakdown occurs and things - as they are wont to do during breakdowns - slow down significantly. But I promise you that it will reward you for continuing to listen, for not mixing into the next track. At 4:56, we know it's coming back, lurking around the corner. If you weren't ready to have fun already, now it's going to beat it into you. We get the "Get Ready!" announcement again, followed by the same thing as before. With the ascending and descending twinkly melody on top of the amazing one and the rest of it, this thing just gets that much more intense. It's a subtle move, but it's marvelous. All the elements are synthesized in the end (by synthesizers...whoa.) to create this epic beast. It's kind of a reminder to make use of what you have, and that sometimes taking even the weaker part of something, whose presence is intended to highlight that of the stronger, and re-using it, might give it additional value. And isn't that true with having fun? With shitty beer like Natty Ice, you can play beer pong; the least attractive of your friends can play wingman and sit on the grenade. Just kidding with that last one, but you get what I mean.

But I am fascinated by songs that I perceive as being about taking fun seriously. Isn't it weird how that can happen in real life? Taking having fun seriously. It doesn't really make sense, does it? It's weird when it happens, but it seems to happen all the time. I think part of it can be the sexual/romantic element, that desire. Like I talked about in the Camaro's Gang entry, going out to a club can be serious business if you see someone you dig, or if you want to see someone you dig. I think for some people, too, partying is all they feel they have to look forward to. And there is a certain dangerous, sinister and destructive side to hedonism, isn't there? I mean, isn't that the foundation of house music, American disco and entire bands like Happy Mondays? Drinking, drugs and sex can be dangerous or even deadly. And what about the emotional toll? I mean, in a weird way, this song sort of - sort of - makes me feel like I'm going into battle or something. Something epic and really, really important...Disco Battle. I mean, maybe fun should be taken seriously in this day and age. Or is it just that people get so addicted to partying and place so much of their emotional and physical energy into it that it necessarily becomes a serious affair? I mean, even when people are just having fun with having fun, they can get really into it. The planning, the excitement over the plans and prospects; it's all an intense affair that can actually be best when someone took it seriously and made the proper plans and arrangements beforehand - like for a party. And sometimes isn't going out and partying how some people assert themselves in the world? I mean, seriously. Don't you know some people who really honestly view partying as their means of fulfilling their potential? Of showing people who they are and making their presence known in the world? Friday night can be like this little window in which you can go out and feel like a superstar, even if you just organize pens in an Office Depot. I mean, I think we all kind of have little moments like that, where we feel like our lives are more cinematic when we're out with friends, winning beer pong tournaments and feeling like Michael Jordan.

I don't know - most importantly, this song kicks ass.

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